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Importance of live streaming for event videography

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Importance of live streaming for event videography

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Video is a very important part of our life, be it personal or professional. We just have to take a look around to see why video is very important. Video helps us to actually see and understand what is happening and/or what message is being tried to convey. We have seen how video advertisements always stand out and are the most effective. The success of the Television also speaks a lot about this. In conclusion, it can be safely assumed that video is, most probably, the key to what you are trying to achieve – as an individual or as an organisation. But you need not worry because we are here to provide you with a solution to all your videography and live streaming requirements.

Corporate Communications:
As the world moves towards the digital, it is important for all other corporate organisations to do the same. In every phase of a business, we have seen the need for video live streaming to arise – Meetings with stakeholders, keynote presentations, townhall meetings, all require people to connect with each other, and more often than not, they are not able to be present in person; and that is when live streaming comes in. We will offer you the best live streaming services to help you connect with people for all your corporate events conveniently and with simplicity.

Marketing and Promotions:
As mentioned earlier, we know how efficient video is for marketing and promotional activities. It helps share news, details, and create awareness for your brand most effectively. And we are here to help you with that. We will help you share news and information about your brand, create interactive quiz games and extend all your marketing events through the video medium and help you reach customers all over the globe.

Seminars and Conferences:
There might be situations when you are organising seminars or conferences. Now, if you are selling tickets for people to appear at your event, your audience becomes restricted to those who are able to be physically present at the venue, and you do not want that. You want your event to be exposed to a lot of people; and for that you will have to make your event somehow available to even those people who wish to come but are not able to be physically present at the venue, which might happen due to a multitude of reasons. We can help you solve this problem by providing live streaming services so that the people who are not able to attend in person can take the benefits of attending you seminar or conference from their homes. Your event will just be an internet connection away from them. This way your audience grows and you get an even wider presence and connect to people globally with ease.

Music and Arts:
We are equally helpful if you belong to the music and arts field. We can help you make your concerts available live with our live streaming services and arrange backstage Q&A sessions for you and help you connect better with your fans by arranging press conferences via social media giants like YouTube and FaceBook.

Sports and Gaming:
We are also here to help you stream your competitions, press conferences, and even athelete interviews so that the fans can connect better with you and are able to watch the action live even when they are not able to make physical presence at the event, which is a very good way to connect with more viewers and get a wider audience.

Your friends and relatives overseas might not be able to come and attend your wedding, but they surely do not want to miss the fun. But there’s no need to worry as we are here to help you live stream your wedding so that no one misses it and you can connect with all of your family and friends to make your wedding memorable. You don’t get to marry everyday so why not make it memorable?

Product and Service Training:
With our services, you can create distance training sessions for your remote employees and this way all of your employees, all over the globe, can be a part of the training session at once without worrying about being present at the same place at the same time, which, more often than yes, is not possible.

We can also help you create live interactive sessions with your customers who might have queries regarding your products or services so that you can demonstrate your products to them live, and answer all the questions that they might have through a live video session, thus providing them with the best service possible.

Our services can be of great help to you even if you are an educational organisation as we can not only help you create live streams of all your events such as graduation programs, student orientations and sport events, but we can also help you create distance learning programs and provide live streams of your lectures, presentations and classes online so that your students have no problem connecting with your institution and your institution also get more exposure to more students at the same time.

We can also help you connect to more worshippers if you are a religious institution by helping you create live streams of events such as Sunday services, weekly studies and retreats. This way worshippers, members and parishioners can watch the event from any device in their home or on the go. In today’s busy world, this is a very good option to have for every believer and help them connect with God everywhere every time.

If any of the above sounds useful to you, contact us! We, at ODEUM, are all about helping our clients.

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